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    Coworking Space for Professionals

    Shared Office, Superfast Internet, Meeting Rooms and more...
  • Welcome to IdealCoworking!

    Coworking Space for Startups

    Shared Office, Superfast Internet, Meeting Rooms and more...
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    Coworking Space for Freelancers

    Shared Office, Superfast Internet, Meeting Rooms and more...

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Why IdealCoworking?

By working with other individuals and exposing yourself to new perspectives, Idealcoworking can provide bursts of creativity. Sometimes, switching spaces and heading to a new office can allow you to refresh your mind and consider alternative solutions to business problems.

Furthermore, IdealCoworking gives you the opportunity to connect with other individuals. If you’re working in a home office or independent office, you could be robbing yourself of the important connections needed to drive your business forward.

Additionally, in IdealCoworking, smaller businesses, freelancers and independent professionals find affordable office space with important work necessities like high-speed internet, printers, and meeting rooms, resulting in lower startup costs.

Our Gallery

Our Community

At IdealCoworking we are in the heart of the community and have the community at heart. Becoming an IdealCoworking member is an opportunity to be part of a constantly growing network of inspiring people, to work efficiently and effectively, and to access the space, resources and facilities you need, close to home.

Our Approach

IdealCoworking has an amazing community of people with different mindsets, skills, and knowledge and a community of exceptionally talented ambitious founders in Tunisia. Being immersed in this environment can provide a great learning opportunity. You also can work from a quiet productive space at the IdealCoworking.


Shared Workspace Desk

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Private Workspace Desk

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Conference/Meeting Room

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Stratigic Location

IdealCoworking is located in one of Tunis most easily accessible and capital hubs of important offices & business establishments. This strategic location is only five minutes away from the Tunis Carthage Airport and downtown Tunis. This central location makes IdealCoworking extremely convenient for business stays, although services destinations are also easily accessible.

IdealCoworking is also surrounded by a large number of private clinics, headquarters of important companies, banks and insurance firms, etc..


You can reach us at

Immeuble Cercle des Bureaux, Bureau 515
Centre Urbain Nord, 1082, Tunis

20 77 11 77


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